Maine Coon Goldens Farm (2024)

1. Maine Coon Goldens Farm – Maine Coon Cats Kittens New Hampshire

  • Kittens Available · Contact Us · Bill of Sale Contract & Health... · Gallery

  • Welcome to Maine Coon Goldens Farm 

2. Kittens Available - Maine Coon Goldens Farm

  • Looking for a Maine Coon kitten that comes from top-notch Russian bloodlines? Look no further! Email me at, and let's make your ...

  • Looking for a Maine Coon kitten that comes from top-notch Russian bloodlines? Look no further! Email me at, and let’s make your dream a reality.

3. Contact Us - Maine Coon Goldens Farm

4. King “Granpatron's Zeff” - Maine Coon Goldens Farm

  • Granpatron's Zeff Sire: Homelynx Bigboss Dam: CH Granpatrons's Baby Love. Color: Brown (Black) Classic Tabby/White. Russia, Moskow.

  • Granpatron’s Zeff Sire:  Homelynx Bigboss Dam:  CH Granpatrons’s Baby Love

5. Gallery - Maine Coon Goldens Farm

  • Gallery Of Our Sold Kittens. Home Page · King "Granpatron's Zeff" · King "Goldensfarm GrandPatrons Nikolai" · Queen "WILDBeautyCoon's Regina" ...

6. Queen “WILDBeautyCoon's Regina” - Maine Coon Goldens Farm

  • Queen “WILDBeautyCoon's Regina”. WILDBeautyCoon's Regina Sire: Panco's Nusakan Dam: Mainelynx Belinda. Color: Black Silver Classic Tabby/White.

  • WILDBeautyCoon’s Regina Sire:  Panco’s Nusakan Dam:  Mainelynx Belinda

7. Queen “Lika Milyi Angel” - Maine Coon Goldens Farm

  • Lika Milyi Angel Sir: La Perla Rossa Dam: Ursula Porter. Color: Classic Torbie/White. Ukraine.. Call Name: “Charlotte“.

  • Lika Milyi Angel Sir:  La Perla Rossa Dam:  Ursula Porter

8. Queen “Fridmancat's Uza” - Maine Coon Goldens Farm

  • Fridmancat's Uza Sire: Windinwillows Kingsley Dam: Fridmancat's Diva. Color: Blue Cream Tortie. Russia, Moskow. Call name: “Anatasia”.

  • Fridmancat’s Uza Sire: Windinwillows Kingsley Dam:  Fridmancat’s Diva

9. Queen “Zevger Gaia” - Maine Coon Goldens Farm

  • Zevger Gaia. Sire: UA*Simbalion King Pantheon. Dam: Iris Cool's Gera. Color: Red Mackerel Tabby. Kiev, Ukraine.. Call name: “Svetlana”.

  • Zevger Gaia

10. Queen “Elisacoons Rage” (Polydactyl)

  • Maine Coon Goldens Farm · Queen “Elisacoons Rage” (Polydactyl).

  • Sir: Galaxy Maryel Gamlet

11. Queen “Alfina Deliya Line”(Polydactyl)

  • Maine Coon Goldens Farm · Queen “Alfina Deliya Line”(Polydactyl).

  • Alfina Deliya Line (Polydactyl)

12. Vitamin Supplements - Maine Coon Goldens Farm

  • Vitamin Supplements. Dear Kitten Family,. As a breeder, the health of my cats is my top priority. That's why I enthusiastically recommend NuVet Plus immune ...

  • Dear Kitten Family, 

Maine Coon Goldens Farm (2024)


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